Is Inboxdollars a scam or legit?

Does online survey work like Inboxdollars scam pay enough? That is a common question a person who wants to venture into the online survey work might ask. Companies use the process of a survey to collect data about market studies. A person who participates in a review can be paid an incentive. It may involve cash or gift. Some survey firms are scams; thus they do not pay participants the amount they promised to pay. Before quitting your job lets check the pros and cons of survey work.

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To answer survey work a person is not required to have any educational background or any skills. Thus a person with a basic comprehension of English is eligible to participate. No job experience is needed to have the know-how of answering the questions.

A participant does not fill in an employment contract when they register. They just fill in personal information and payment detail. Some survey firms require a membership fee for the premium level. The process of registration is easy.

The hours of working are flexible. A person can have a regular job while partaking the survey jobs as parttime work. They are their own boss and can plan their working time. Stay at own moms can multi-task while taking surveys.

A person can join for free. There is no risk involved when you join and quit when you do not enjoy the work. No limit on how many surveys someone can partake. Its a person time and effort that limits them.

Related articles : Inboxdollars Review : Does It Work Or Is it A Scam.


To start earning a sustainable income from the activity of the survey requires a person to register in many survey firms. Survey work may pay you as little as 50 cents per hour. Thus a person needs a huge amount of surveys to earn a decent income. You can register up to 50 firms so that your workflow will never dry. Here’s another Inboxdollars review to read.

It has become an overcrowded market. Many people have ventured in the survey market. Thus the overcrowding has led to companies paying less. The supply of survey work is less and demand has increased due to the influx number of workers. Companies are not compensating enough through cash rather they are paying via gifts.

Most of the surveys are very lengthy. They are consuming a lot of time. The problem the polls Stealth Secrets has a Inboxdollars review do not state the amount of time it might take and participants realize when they are halfway the work. Some do not finish and those who do receive a minimal payout for their efforts.

Most of the survey sites are not regulated. They ask for members personal details for registration. The personal information at times are used to be sold to third parties without compensating the owner. Some survey firms do not pay out the participants. Here’s an alternative online survey comapny called Opinion Outpost. Thus participants might do all the work, and then they disqualified after submitting the survey. Those scams are rampant in the industry thus discouraging people from doing surveys.

No matter how a person works hard, they cannot be rich enough. The survey companies are beneficiaries of the works rather than the workers.